dynamics of science, technology and society

This profile explores the dynamics of science, technology and society by focusing on their practices, interactions, institutional and material arrangements, and their dynamic co-evolution. Key questions include the following: How is knowledge production shaped by its concrete practices and by the material and conceptual resources (instruments, models, laboratory settings) of its time, in a particular place or discipline? How do science and society shape each other? Which patterns follow socio-technical change? What are the possibilities and limitations of governing socio-technical change? How can these insights be applied to concrete innovation processes, such as supporting a more sustainable energy system?

This profile moves from a detailed view of processes of knowledge production on the laboratory floor, to a broader perspective. It addresses how socio-technical systems are embedded in particular ways of usage, production and regulation and how socio-technical change may come about. Finally, we will expand historically and geographically, in order to better understand how practices, arrangements and the dynamics of science, technology and society are situated in time and space. This cluster is deliberately interdisciplinary, drawing on the perspectives and tools of philosophy, sociology, history and geography.


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