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In the PSTS Master’s programme you will learn to analyse and evaluate the impact of science and technology on society from a philosophical and multidisciplinary perspective. Academics and professionals who possess these skills are in high demand on today’s job market. As a PSTS graduate, you will be able to offer employers wide-ranging expertise, combining knowledge of the latest technological developments with the skills to philosophically and methodically reflect on these technologies. 


To find out more about life after the programme, read testimonials of PSTS graduates.


As a graduate with a professional profile, you will be a valuable asset to both the corporate world and the government sector. Our graduates find employment in the academic world, R&D, consultancy, policy organizations and commercial companies. As a PSTS professional, you will be ideally suited for a job in:

  • Policymaking/ government (e.g. Cogem, Rathenau Institute)
  • The academic world (e.g. a PhD position)
  • Consultancy (e.g. Tauw: environmental and civil engineering; Technopolis: innovation)
  • Industry/ business (e.g. food, textiles, oil, chemicals, machinery, automotive, IT, communication or journalism)
  • Research & Development (e.g. Tecnalia Research and Innovation, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands ECN) 


If you are interested in pursuing a PhD, you may wish to consider applying for a place in one of the programmes at the Twente Graduate School: Ethics and Technology, Governance of Knowledge and Innovation (or go to the 4TU website), or Human-Centred Interaction Technologies. You might also consider one of the University of Twente’s other PhD programmes, or go on to pursue a doctorate at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.

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