Many students see the PSTS degree as a good way of building on the knowledge and skills they gained in their Bachelor’s programme, with a view to pursuing a specific career path in that field. Others enter the PSTS programme simply because they are fascinated by what it offers. Whatever your motives or ambitions, you will be amazed by the diversity of exciting career opportunities that open up to you once you’ve obtained a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society.

As a PSTS graduate, you will be valued on the job market for your ability to quickly grasp complex, socio-technical challenges, to bring together different stakeholders and their perspectives, to put the finger on and sort out key controversies, and to point a reasonable way forward. You will be able to offer employers wide-ranging expertise, combining the capacity to explore the latest technological developments with the skills to philosophically and methodically reflect on these technologies. 

The main PSTS career directions

All over the world, in almost every industrial sector or societal domain, there is a growing need for experts who can examine, evaluate and improve the ways in which technology and society interact. Our PSTS graduates tend to spread out in one of the following three different directions:

  • Roughly one third pursue an academic career, usually through a PhD position at a university in the Netherlands or abroad
  • Roughly one-third enter the corporate and policy worlds as consultants, advisors or policymakers, often with globally leading agencies, such as PwC, Technopolis, Eticas, Deloitte, Twynstra & Gudde, Privacy Company,  or at renowned institutes like the Danish Technology Board, the Dutch Rathenau Institute, ministries or municipalities.
  • Roughly one-third head for a variety of other careers, including science journalism, launching a startup, or jobs in design, communication or education.

Want to find out more about life after the PSTS programme? Read these PSTS graduates’ testimonials.

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