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As a graduate of the Master's in Industrial Engineering & Management, specialised in Production & Logistics Management (PLM), your job opportunities are very broad. You can easily find a job in the field of production, logistics and supply chain management. You could also pursue a career as a consultant, and even start up your own agency. More interested in doing research? Then a PhD might be the right choice for you, or become a highly-skilled designer with an EngD programme at the University of Twente (UT)! 

Type of degree

When you have completed this Master's with the specialisation in PLM, you will receive a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management. Also, you can title yourself Master of Science (MSc.). Your specialisation will be mentioned specifically on your diploma supplement, highlighting your specialised knowledge and skills in Production & Logistic Management. 

Job opportunities 

Professionals with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management are in high demand on the job market, even in economically tough times. Whichever specialisation you choose, your career opportunities are excellent and you can end up working in a wide range of positions and sectors. This is especially the case when you have graduated with the specialisation in Production & Logistic Management (PLM), which is the broadest of the three specialisations.  

UT alumni with this specialisation currently work in various positions and organisations. For example:
  • Global Supply Chain Programme Manager at Jacobs Douwe Egberts
  • Operations Research Consultant & Data Scientist at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Senior Procurement Manager at TomTom 

As a graduate, you will be equipped to enter any area of industrial engineering and management – not just the area of your specialisation. There are however types of jobs that fit graduates of this specialisation perfectly. They often find themselves working in the field of production, logistics and supply chain management. Graduates end up at many different types of companies, varying from commercial organisations to transportation companies to government or healthcare organisations to consultancy firms.   

You might find yourself working as a production manager, plant manager, logistic engineer, supply chain manager, director of customer service and operations, project and process manager or sourcing manager, to name just a few of the numerous options.  

Start a business

Do you have a great business idea? At the University of Twente, you can turn it into reality! At UT, we highly encourage entrepreneurship. In fact, UT has been voted the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands four times in a row. We have a unique approach of putting scientific knowledge to practical use and turning our expertise and yours into solutions that people and society actually need. As a catalyst for meaningful entrepreneurship, we offer you the Novel-T foundation and the start-up hub on campus.

Former students have gone before you. For example, leading sports analytics company Scisports was once started up by an IEM-graduate, just as You++, a coding learning platform for kids. Other examples of start-ups by IEM-graduates are software company Topicus, and research consultancy company Distribute. Will you be next? 

Continue as a researcher: obtain a PhD

Instead of pursuing a professional career right away after obtaining your Master’s degree, you can opt to follow a PhD programme at Twente Graduate School (TGS). This involves spending four years studying a particular research area in-depth at one of our research institutes. Obtaining your PhD will earn you the title of Doctor (Dr.). 

Follow an EngD programme

For excellent professionals and graduates with a Master’s degree from a university, TGS offers five different Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programmes. These two-year, tailored programmes are aimed at you becoming a high-level technological designer. The EngD programme most likely to match your interests as a Master's in Industrial Engineering & Management would be Maintenance or Business & IT. On successfully completing the programme, you will receive a certified diploma and the academic degree title, Engineering Doctorate (EngD.). Interested in doing an EngD? You can check below if there are any vacancies. If not, you can also send in an open application.

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