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Transferring from university of applied sciences (HBO) to Industrial Engineering and Management

Dutch HBO degree

You may be considered for admission if you have a certificate from a related technical bachelor’s programme at a university of applied sciences (HBO). You can only enter the Master's programme after you have met the requirements of the pre-Master's programme. The purpose of the pre-Master's is to bring your knowledge up to the required level. The pre-Master’s programme has a study load of 30 ECTS.

Admission requirements Industrial Engineering and Management

To qualify for the Industrial Engineering and Management programme you have to meet the following conditions:

Condition 1: Completion of a HBO programme into a field related to Industrial Engineering and Management.

Admission to the master’s programme depends on your bachelor’s programme. The following programmes related to Industrial Engineering and Management are admissible:

  • Technische Bedrijfskunde (Industrial Engineering)
  • Technische Informatica (Informatics)
  • Werktuigbouwkunde (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Civiele Techniek (Civil Engineering)
  • Elektrotechniek (Electrical Engineering)
  • Industrieel Product Ontwerpen (Industrial Design)
  • Scheikunde (Chemical Engineering)
  • Bouwtechnische Bedrijfskunde (Construction Engineering)
  • Technische Natuurkunde (Physics)

In all cases, the admission committee will conduct an individual assessment procedure to determine if you have sufficient basic qualifications in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Condition 2: Pre-university level (VWO) Mathematics B

You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in mathematics B at pre-university (VWO) level. You can demonstrate this by submitting one of the following documents:

  • A pre-university level (VWO) certificate including Mathematics B;
  • A separate pre-university level certificate in Mathematics B
    - Refer to CCVX/CCVW certificate
    - Refer to Boswell Bèta
  • Transcript showing completion of the (extracurricular) Saxion Mathematics course for programmes in technical subjects;
  • A certificate or other document comparable to the above, that shows proof of your mathematical and analytical skills at pre-university level.

Condition 3: Brush up on English

The IEM programme is taught in English. We strongly advise you to test your level of English.

Take the diagnostic Dialang test on This test gives you insight into where you stand in understanding English, in listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and language structures. The test will take up about 105 minutes of your time. The assessment will result in a baseline measurement of your English proficiency, as well as in potential points for improvements.

Bear in mind that the required level of English is at least C1 on each separate subject. When you don’t meet these requirements, we recommended you to freshen brush up your knowledge of English before starting with the pre-Master’s programme.

Condition 4: Motivation and grades

  • Clear and relevant statement of motivation for one of the specialisations
  • Motivational letter, explaining why you and the programme are a great fit (max. 2 pages).
  • Your grades are above the average.


If you are a student at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences you have the additional option to do a pre-Master's programme during your HBO programme. This is known as a transfer minor. For further information about admission requirements and conditions, please refer to the Transfer minor website.


You can start the pre-Master during or after your bachelor's degree. The application procedure and deadlines depend on the studyroute of your choice.


As soon as your application is reviewed, the Admission Committee will inform you about your application outcome:

1.         you need to follow a pre-Master’s programme before you can be admitted to the Master's programme.

2.         you are not eligible for the specific Master's programme.

Do you still need to finish your Bachelor's degree?

You must submit your Bachelor’s degree before you can enter the Master’s programme. Please bear in mind that applying for admission and enrolling are two separate procedures: you cannot enrol until you have been given a positive admission decision. You may be granted a conditional acceptance based on your transcripts, detailed curriculum information, relevant research and expected graduation date.

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