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are you a Bachelor’s graduate not directly admissible to this Master’s programme, you’ll be required to take a pre-Master's programme.

This programme aims to bridge the gap between your current Bachelor's and future Master's levels and prepare you for this specific Master's programme. It is a transfer programme in which you will gain the knowledge and skills needed for successful participation in the Master’s. Once you’ve completed the pre-Master's, you will be granted admission to the Master’s programme in Health Sciences.

Programme details

The pre-Master’s programme in Health Sciences, needs to precede the actual Master’s programme. You will join a number of courses in the regular Bachelor’s programme.


  • Duration: 6 monts
  • Number of credits: 30 (15 health-specific, 15 research)
  • Engagement: full-time
  • Language: partly English, partly Dutch
  • Start date: each year in September and February
  • Required term of completion: within one year

Will you start your pre-Master’s programme in September? Then you will follow these courses:

  • Health economics and accounting
  • Klinisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek (clinical scientific research)

This study programme may differ in individual cases depending on your prior knowledge. The pre-Master’s programme always contains a section on health economics. Students do not always have sufficient knowledge of this subject, while this is important prior knowledge for the Master’s programme.

Dutch University of Applied Sciences

Are you a student at an university of applied sciences (‘hbo’ in Dutch)? Then the Master’s programme in Health Sciences will further broaden your choice of careers within the healthcare sector. As a (BSc) graduated physiotherapist, nurse, medical laboratory technician or health scientist, you will already feel very much at home in work practice. The Master’s is a logical next step, as you will acquire an even firmer grasp of the associated processes. By taking a critical approach of how the entire care process works and how to organize it efficiently and to the highest possible standard, you will expand both your knowledge and your career opportunities.

More information

For general information, please contact our Study Information Desk. If you want to know more about our pre-Master’s programmes in general, please check this webpage

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