Applying with a Dutch university degree

Before starting the application procedure you should always check the application deadlines. Students with a degree from a recognized Dutch university in combination with a specific Bachelor's programmes are directly admissible to the Master's programme Health Sciences:

  • Bsc Gezondheidswetenschappen Maastricht University (croho 56553)
  • Bsc Gezondheidswetenschappen Erasmus University Rotterdam (croho 56553)
  • Bsc Gezondheidswetenschappen Vrije Universiteit (croho 56553)
  • Bsc Gezondheid en Maatschappij, Wageningen University (croho 50018)
  • Bsc Voeding en Gezondheid, Wageningen University (croho 56868)
  • Other (comprabale) BSc programmes could be admissable, too. You may need to follow a Pre-Master's programme.
Do you still need to finish your Bachelor's degree?

You must submit your Bachelor’s degree before you can enter the Master’s programme. Please bear in mind that applying for admission and enrolling are two separate procedures: you cannot enrol until you have been given a positive admission decision. You may be granted a conditional acceptance based on your transcripts, detailed curriculum information, relevant research and expected graduation date.

Transfer for TU Delft and TU/E students

All transfer options for students with a bachelor’s degree from Eindhoven University of Technology or Delft University of Technology can be found in the transfer matrices. These matrices give a quick and easy overview of the master’s programmes you can apply for and which conditions need to be met before being admitted.

Students from other Dutch (research) universities

Do you want to know which master's programmes you can be admitted to? Visit This website gives a quick and easy overview of the master’s programmes you can apply for and which conditions need to be met before being admitted.


As soon as your application is reviewed, the Admission Committee will inform you about your application outcome:

  1. you are allowed to transfer directly to the Master’s programme.
  2. alternatively, you need to follow a pre-Master’s programme.
  3. your are not eligble for the specific Master's programme.

Keep in mind

Even if you know that you will need to follow a pre-Master's programme, you need to apply for the Master's programme first. 

Pre-master's programme

A pre-Master is a transfer programme intended to bridge the gap between your current Bachelor's programme and your future Master's programme and serves to prepare you for the Master's programme of your choice.  You need to pass the pre-Master's programme in order to proceed to the Master’s programme. A pre-Master’s programmes is personalized and may vary in study load, up to 30EC.

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