Admission / Enrolment

Completed 'hbo' degree

Students with a Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences (‘hbo’ in Dutch) do not directly fulfil all the admission requirements for the Health Sciences Master’s programme at the UT. Before you can enter a Master's programme, you have to do a pre-Master's programme to bring your knowledge up to the required level.

Related programmes

Whether or not you will be admitted to the (pre-)Master’s programme depends on the contents of your Bachelor’s programme. Admission is determined on an individual basis. The following Dutch ‘hbo’ programmes are currently regarded as related programmes:

  • Fysiotherapie
  • MBRT
  • Verloskunde
  • Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek 
  • Voeding en Diëtetiek
  • Verpleegkunde
  • Gezondheid en Technologie (studieroute opleiding Verpleegkunde)

Admission requirements

In addition to your ‘hbo’ programme, our admissions board will also take your secondary school diploma into consideration. The following two admission requirements also apply:

Important: English language skills

We expect students applying to this programme to be competent in the English language at a level that is at least commensurate with the skill set of a pre-university secondary school (‘vwo’) student in the Netherlands. All Master's courses at the University of Twente are taught in English. English-language books are also used in many courses. As a prospective student you are personally responsible for your English language skills; the university does not provide language testing prior to admission.

Mathematics standard

You must possess a solid set of skills in mathematics for both the pre-Master’s and the Master’s programme. If you have successfully completed your maths coursework at a level commensurate with Maths A or B at the level of the Dutch ‘vwo’ or ‘havo’ B (with an N&T or N&G profile), then your knowledge of mathematics should be sufficient for this programme. If you do not meet this standard, you have to first take a mathematics refresher course. The UT requires you to submit a certificate proving that you have sufficient mathematic skills. Several organizations offer refresher courses for mathematics remediation, for example the James Boswell Institute in Utrecht.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences offers a course for its own students. For the Master’s Health Science you must choose the non-technical maths course. For more information check this website.

Register well in advance (at least two months before the pre-Master’s begins), so that we can inform you about your admission to the programme in plenty of time. You do not have to have your Bachelor’s degree in order to register: you can submit your degree later, as long as it is sent to us before the start of your programme.


You can start the pre-Master’s during or after your Bachelor's degree. The application procedure and deadlines depend on the study route of your choice.

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