Mohammed Al Farsi

Country: Oman

Programme: Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Geoinformatics

Mohammed Al Farsi is from Oman and he started the Master’s programme in September 2012. He has been employed as a Navy officer in the Cartography Department of the National Hydrographic Office of the Royal Navy of Oman since 2005.

'I came to the Netherlands because of the excellent global reputation of the Faculty of Geo-Information science and Earth Observation. Many of my colleagues have already obtained Master’s degrees from the same faculty.'

‘I want to learn more about geographic information systems, the structures of maps and the techniques that you need to make them. I hope to learn all about all the latest scientific techniques and developments by the time I’ve finished. Within the programme, my final individual assignment is 3D Indoor Mapping. This is done using sensors equipped with infrared technology. In practice, 3D mapping is not yet widely used in buildings, although it has the potential to be a very useful technology. At Schiphol, for example, it could have many useful security applications. I want to use the knowledge that I gain here to raise our standards in Oman and produce better maps.

So far Al Farsi is enjoying his studies at the Faculty of Geo-Information science and Earth Observation very much. ‘The quality of knowledge here is very high. Everything is very well organized. The teachers are very committed and they keep the pressure on, but if you need help with anything, you will be helped properly. Also, studying at the Faculty of Geo-Information science and Earth Observation is a good way of meeting other international students and building up an international network.’

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