On this page you will find testimonials from our students and alumni.

"I am proud to say that the knowledge acquired from the University of  Twente is very much in use here as I have now started doing consultancy in Zimbabwe and was also appointed a National Green Industry Consultant by the UNIDO office as a national exert part-time responsible for developing proposals in Green Industry. I am delivering consulting services in environment, health and safety, quality management and energy management as well as facilitating various training courses in industry, mining and construction.

I am proud of being a Twente graduate and the impact that I am making as well as being able to impart this knowledge to other people in my country and beyond.” (Tawanda Collins Muzamwese, Zimbabwe)

“My experience with the MEEM programme was very satisfactory academically and at a personal level. Thanks to this programme I was able to be in contact with excellent academic staff and also with a learning environment with classmates in a fully multicultural class. Both aspects allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and also were favorably pondered by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations when I was being considered to develop my master thesis topic with their collaboration on a project related to Bio-energy and Food Security.

The work done during my thesis with the knowledge and skills acquired during the MEEM programme led FAO to eventually make me a job offer to work as an international consultant at its headquarters in Rome.”   
(Sergio Rivero, Italy)

"The uniqueness of the MEEM programme is multidisciplinary knowledge that can suit a broad range of students' needs. My background is International Relations, and my job is managing government-to-government energy cooperation projects. MEEM provides me with a holistic understanding of the complex energy and environment issues. It helps me to find bigger opportunities in my future career.

It is surprisingly easy to adapt to living in the Netherlands. Everyone speaks English well, public facilities are sufficient, and the environmental quality is excellent. I love being able to go everywhere by bike. Leeuwarden is a peaceful, charming place. As one of the oldest cities in the country, it has rich history with many monuments and museums. It also boasts green spaces to relax and do outdoor activities with friends." (Dian Prasomya Ratri, Indonesia)

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