Why Embedded Systems at the University of Twente?

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Cars, nowadays, contain many embedded computers. Even seatbelts are electronically controlled! Embedded Systems are designed for a specific task. The autopilot in an aircraft is a typical example of a time-critical application. Other devices, such as your smart phone, are(less) time-critical, but in these devices energy efficiency and resources are more important.

In our 4TU Master’s Embedded Systems you will become familiar with formal techniques with which you can prove that a system is correct and satisfies hard and soft real-time constraints, while also covering the internals of an embedded computer architecture. You will work on these more theoretical topics at our Embedded Systems laboratory.

Embedded Systems at the University of Twente focuses on:

Six reasons to study Embedded Systems at the University of Twente

  1. The advantage of the 4TU programme is that you can also take relevant courses at our partner universities of technology in Delft and Eindhoven.
  2. The University of Twente offers excellent teaching and world-class research and facilities.
  3. We also encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. We are ranked among the top 1% of all universities in the world.
  5. At the UT you will work in relatively small groups, compared to other universities: we have an intake of about 20 students per year, which gives us the opportunity to give you more personal attention than you would get elsewhere.
  6. The University of Twente is proud to be the only true campus university in the Netherlands, offering unique surroundings with excellent facilities for sports, recreation, culture and living.
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