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As a master’s student in Educational Science & Technology (EST), you are connected to some of the world’s best teachers and researchers, as UT belongs to the world’s top 10 universities in the field of learning design and technology. This means you will benefit from outstanding courses and supervision, gain pioneering knowledge and you are able to participate in leading research.

You will carry out your master’s thesis under the supervision of a researcher at one of the four related research sections:

  • Section of Educational Science

    The section of Educational Science (OWK) focuses on professional learning in organisations, both on the individual, team and organisational level. Technology plays a major role in research in several ways: to measure learning processes and outcomes (e.g., sensors, apps, physiological measurements), to support learning (virtual reality, digital learning environments, mobile applications) and as a context in which learning takes place (e.g. learning to work on or with technological innovations).

  • Section of Instructional Technology

    The section of Instructional Technology (IST) plays a prominent role in (inter)national research on learning and instruction and specialises in knowledge acquisition. This includes the cognitive processes of developing and using knowledge and skills as well as the design of instructional support to facilitate these processes. The core focus is on technology-enhanced learning environments, such as serious games, educational simulations and computer modelling environments.

  • ELAN Teacher Development

    ELAN is the University of Twente’s Institute for Teacher Training and Professional Development and its main mission is to empower and equip teachers for continuous learning, both in formal and informal learning settings. Research focuses on both teachers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes as well as the development and evaluation of programmes, interventions and tools for learning, with a specific focus on teacher performance and its effects on student learning.

  • Section of Cognition, Data and Education

    The section of Cognition, Data and Education (CODE) among others focuses on educational measurement and conducts large scale (international) comparative studies on education outcomes.

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