Department of Educational Science (OWK)

Welcome to the Department of Educational Science of the University of Twente.

The department of educational sciences is specialised in research on professional learning in organisations. Researchers at our department study the formal and informal learning climate in organisations, as well as the design of schooling and training programs. Our studies often take place in the high-tech, health, and educational sector with the intention to understand, evaluate and optimize learning behaviour in these professional contexts. We aim to understand the interactions between learning processes on the individual, team, and organizational level and design (technology based) interventions to optimize these processes. In our research group, we combine expertise from a range of disciplines (e.g., educational sciences, psychology, business administration, sociology). Staff members participate in the ICO research school (the Interuniversity Centre of Educational Sciences) and the Twente Graduate School. Our department is responsible for the courses of the Human Resource Development track of the Master Educational Science and Technology, and the corresponding pre-Master program.