Welcome to Elan

ELAN, Department of Teacher Development

Welcome to ELAN, Department of Teacher Development.

The mission of ELAN is:

  • To advance STEEMS* learning 
    Through education, research, and outreach activities
  • With and for teachers
  • Through initiatives that are both locally relevant and internationally meaningful

* STEEMS: science, technology, engineering, economics, mathematics & social studies

Our core activities are:

Teacher programs

  • Small-scale, together with (beta) faculties, differentiated, ICT-supported 
  • Pre-service education, in-service courses, honors, various MSc programs


  • Practically relevant and scientifically robust and innovative 
  • Methods are quantitative, qualitative and (often) ICT-rich
  • With partners in the Netherlands, Europe, and other countries


  • Communities: e.g. lesson study, data teams, teacher design teams
  • Interventions: e.g. classroom pedagogies and routines, learning (re-)design by teachers, sustainable school improvement  
  • Products: e.g. innovative curricula, apps for feedback and differentiation

ELAN works closely with Pre-U, the pre-university program of the UT, which offers activities for primary and secondary schools.