Welcome to Elan

ELAN, section of Teacher Development

Welcome to ELAN, section of Teacher Development.

Our mission is:

  • To advance STEEMS* learning 
  • Through education, research, and outreach activities
  • With and for teachers
  • Through initiatives that are both locally relevant and internationally meaningful

* STEEMS: science, technology, engineering, economics, mathematics & social studies

Our core activities are:

  • Education
    • Teacher education social science and humanities (MSc)
    • Teacher education STEM (beta) subjects (MSc)
    • Teaching minor Teaching module Educational Science & Technology (MSc)
  •  Research
    • Practically relevant and scientifically robust and innovative
    • Methods are quantitative, qualitative and (often) ICT-rich
    • With partners in the Netherlands, Europe, and other countries
  •  Outreach  
    • Pro-U
    • Pre-U