There’s a lot of freedom in structuring your Master’s in Educational Science & Technology (EST). About 80% of the content is customisable, which means you get to actively shape your learning path. This way, you will build your own expertise.

You can choose to follow this Master’s full-time or part-time. The full-time programme takes 1 year. If you choose to pursue this Master’s in part-time mode, it will take 1.5 to 2 years to complete the programme. In that case, you will take fewer courses per quartile, so the study load is stretched over a longer period of time. Classes are usually scheduled on two fixed days as much as possible, enabling you to combine the part-time Master’s with for example your job or other activities and/or responsibilities.


The Master’s in EST consists of one mandatory course. In addition, you have a great deal of freedom to structure your Master’s with elective courses that interest you. You can choose to focus your study programme on the field of Formal Education or Human Resources Development, or you can choose a more blended approach, by mixing electives of both fields. It is all up to you! In one year, you will collect a total of 60 EC.

European Credit Transfer System

Student workload at Dutch universities is expressed in EC, also named ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), which is widely used throughout the European Union. In the Netherlands, each credit represents 28 hours of work.

Educational Science & Technology



Number of EC

Title of course

Compulsory course


Trending topics in educational science and technology  

Elective courses

You get to choose four elective courses.






Team Learning at Work

HRD & Technology in a Live Context

Regulation of Facilitation of Workplace Learning

Leadership and Organisational Change



Designing Learning & Performance Support

Assessing and Monitoring Performance in Education

Innovative Technology-Based Learning Environments

Teacher Learning and Development

Learning and Instruction

Educational Measurement

Other electives

You can choose a maximum of 2 of these courses.


Global Talent Management

HRM and Innovation

HRM and Technology Design

Master’s thesis


Research proposal


Master’s Thesis


Total EC



Master’s thesis

You will complete the Master’s in EST by writing your master’s thesis. Before you start, you have to write a research proposal and design your research project during the mandatory course Research Proposal EST. The choice of your graduation subject is largely up to you. Some students tap into ongoing research at UT, but there is plenty of room to propose an idea of your own as well. You can also choose to conduct your thesis at an external organisation or institute.

You might conduct a needs and context analysis and yield a research-informed advisory report for an external organisation. Or you could design education- or training-related interventions and evaluate them in the context of a school or workplace environment.

Your master’s thesis could involve investigating questions such as:
  • What is the effect of the use of digital adaptive software for mathematics achievement in primary education?
  • Can training with virtual reality increase firefighters’ training effects in the context of situation awareness when coping with traffic accidents?
  • What are the effects of structured collaborative learning on the learning outcomes of university students?


Do you want more information about this Master's or the option to pursue this Master's in a part-time mode? Contact the study adviser, or get in touch with a student via Skype or join him or her at UT for a day!

Y.C.H. Luyten - de Thouars (Yvonne)
Study adviser (pre-)MSc EST and MSc PSTS
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