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Are you interested in combining different scientific approaches? Then our double degree programme might be of interest to you! Upon completion, you will have gained a double degree.


A double degree master's programme entails two separate MSc educational programmes, both with a separate degree. After careful comparison of the study programmes, both educational programmes have made agreements about the acknowledgement of courses, joint supervision of the thesis, and practical issues. The benefit for students is that after completing the double degree programme two degrees are earned in less time than completing the two programmes separately as they will be following two different Master programmes simultaneously. 

As a student of the Master’s in Communication Science, you have the opportunity to add a second master’s to your programme by following the double degree in Digital Marketing, which we offer together with the Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Twente (UT).


  • Digital Marketing

    In this 1.5-year programme, you will extend your specialised knowledge within Strategic Marketing & Servitisation with a deeper understanding of digital marketing. You will learn to understand the most innovative technologies and acquire skills to manage upcoming technological disruptions in marketing. Upon completion, you will receive two Master’s degrees:

    • Master of Science in Business Administration (UT)
    • Master of Science in Communication Science (UT)


    You can complete this double degree within just 1.5 years – instead of the 2 years that apply to these two separate programmes. You will follow courses related to both Business Administration and Communication Science, for example, Entrepreneurial Leadership & Responsible Design, E-Commerce, Advanced Topics in Digital Marketing and Data Science. Moreover, you will still have the freedom to fill up your study programme with elective courses that interest you. The double degree culminates in a combined master’s thesis. Note: you can start this double degree in September or February.


    If you are interested in following this double degree programme, you have to apply for both Master’s separately. Thus, make sure to check the admission and application criteria.


    For questions regarding international issues, such as scholarships or Erasmus, you can contact the coordinator Internationalisation of our faculty (Drs. Inge van Haare: If you have specific questions about the exact contents of the programme please contact our study advisor Jeanet Luijerink:

    drs. I. van Haare (Inge)
    Coordinator International Affairs for Faculty BMS
    J.W.M. Luijerink (Jeanet)
    Study Adviser (pre)Master Communication Science
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