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With the skills and knowledge you acquire in our Master’s programme Communication Sciences, you will have excellent job prospects. On average, our graduates find a good job within two months. Here are some of the career opportunities open to you:


Today’s major companies require communications professionals to help present an attractive image of their products, services, or their business itself.  As a UT graduate, you’ll be able to deliver what they want, whether in internal and external communications, public relations, advertising, marketing, sponsoring, media contact, or public relations. Through your grounding in theoretical knowledge and practical know-how, you’ll be able to provide insights into communicative matters that can make a business prosper.

Advice and consultancy

Your wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical ability will make you a valuable consultant. You will be able to advise clients on their communication issues, for instance, by helping them design communication strategies that reach the largest possible audience. As our means of communication are constantly evolving, governmental, organisational, and non-profit institutions will all require communication experts to lead them through these changing times.


In today’s ever-changing media landscape, a communications expert can be a steadying presence. There are numerous opportunities for communications professionals in the media sector, with important roles in public relations, marketing, and research all open to you. Yours may be the task of helping clients manage their communication channels, keeping stakeholders satisfied, or making the most of digital marketing.

Government and non-profit

Government and non-profit organisations can often struggle to keep up with rapid technological development. With your advanced skill set, you will be able to strategise for the future in numerous areas. You might help an organisation approach different target groups on national, provincial, or local levels, or advocate the use of Artificial Intelligence to streamline data processing. Perhaps you will be involved in maximising the scope of public health campaigns. With the academic and practical know-how you’ve picked up at UT, you’ll be able to make a real difference in the world.


As communication becomes more and more complex, research becomes an even more powerful tool for understanding new developments, and how communication impacts our life, society, and the world at large. You can make an important contribution in a wealth of research areas. If you decide to focus on research, you can embark on an in-depth study as a PhD student at a university or research institute. This programme will prepare you for this level of research and give you the academic proficiency to thrive, producing research of the highest international calibre.

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To give you an idea of your future job, student Daphne Giuzio Carvalho Macedo visited alumna Kirsten van Wingerden. Kirsten is Group Account Lead at Metrixlab. In this video, Daphne asks her questions that are prevalent among students, while Kirsten gives an insight about the opportunities and challenges her job offers.

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