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At the start of your Master’s in Business Administration, you will choose a specialisation. This way, by personalising your programme, you get to develop your own expertise. We offer you different kinds of specialisations that you will not easily find elsewhere. Your choice determines which courses you will take and the type of research you will engage in during your master’s thesis.

The Master’s in Business Administration has seven specialisations:

Digital Business & Analytics

The future of business is digital. This specialisation will help you acquire the digital capabilities that will be essential to perform business functions in the near future, in any sector of the world’s economy.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy

Because of the changeable conditions in today’s markets, many businesses are looking for an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. How can a company organise innovation? And how do you anticipate future opportunities and threats? This specialisation will teach you how to develop strong, resilient strategies, accelerate innovation and recognise and capitalise on new opportunities in a high tech setting.

Financial Management

Do you want to expand your understanding of entrepreneurship and business management with vital financial knowledge and skills? In this specialisation, you will learn to tackle any finance-related business challenge, with in-depth insights into the latest financial technologies (fintech) and the modern principles of corporate finance and investments.

Human Resource Management

How can you manage and develop the potential of people in today’s increasingly digitalised world? This specialisation places HRM in the context of international, high tech, innovative businesses and digital transformation, making this specialisation unique among similar programmes.

International Management & Consultancy

In today’s rapidly globalising world, more and more businesses are looking for ways to advance internationally. This specialisation will help you become a business leader or consultant with unique expertise in international entrepreneurship and business development, cross-cultural differences and change management.

Purchasing & Supply Management

Successful supply chain management is essential for optimal business performance, both in the industrial sector and in the public sector. This specialisation will give you an in-depth understanding of purchasing management strategies and insights into how purchasing can influence innovation, sustainability and transformation.

Strategic Marketing & Servitisation

When developing a business strategy, it all boils down to one question: how can you be truly valuable to your customer? This specialisation will help you become a broadly oriented business strategist, able to translate the needs and wants of the market into effective business and marketing plans.

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