Programme overview

CROHO code
Behavioural Management and Social sciences
Programme start and application deadline
Programme start
1 September 2020
1 February 2021
1 September 2021
1 February 2022
1 September 2022
Admission deadline
1 July 2020 (EU)
1 June 2020 (non-EU)
1 December 2020 (EU)
1 October 2020 (non-EU)
1 July 2021 (EU)
1 May 2021 (non-EU)
1 December 2021 (EU)
1 October 2021 (non-EU)
1 July 2022 (EU)
1 May 2022 (non-EU)
Admission requirements
Academic degree
Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Advanced Technology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Bedrijfseconomie, Bedrijfskunde, Biomedical Technology, Bouwtechnische Bedrijfskunde, Business Administration, Business IT & Management, Business Information Technology, Business Management Studies, Chemical Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, Commerciële Economie, Communication Science, Construction Management, Creative Technology, Electrical Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Retail Management, Facility Management, Finance & Control, Finance and Control, Finance, Tax and Advice, Financial Services Management, HBO-ICT, Health Sciences, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, Industrial Design Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Industrieel Product Ontwerpen, International Business, International Business Administration, International Business and Management Studies, Logistics Management, Logistics Management (Economics), Management, Society & Technology, Marketing Management, Mechanical Engineering, Ondernemerschap & Retail Management, Psychology, Small Business & Retail Management, Tax Law and Economics, Technical Computer Science, Technical Medicine, Technische Bedrijfskunde, University College Twente (ATLAS)
HBO bachelor
Knowledge Minimum
CGPA of at least 70-80% of the maximum score
Entry test
GMAT of 600 and no older than 24 months
Personal Motivation
Motivation for MSc BA-specific track
Previous Education
Completion of a university or HBO programme in a field related to Business Administration.
Tuition fees
Full period 2019 / 2020
full-time, institutional
€ 12.000
full-time, non-EU/EER
€ 12.000
full-time, statutory
€ 2.083
Tuition fees
Full period 2020 / 2021
full-time, institutional
€ 12.250
full-time, non-EU/EER
€ 12.250
full-time, statutory
€ 2.083
Exchange programs
Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), Germany
Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland
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