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Name: Ramon Lappas
Master’s: Business Administration
Specialisation: Financial Management
Bachelor's: International Business Administration

"The field of Business Administration is broad, from marketing to finance and statistics to risk management.”

"At secondary school, the subjects Economics as well as Management & Organisation attracted me the most. After my ‘student for a day’ visit at UT, I knew that I wanted to study International Business Administration at UT.


During my minor, I followed International Marketing and Micro Economics in Sweden. It is fascinating to follow courses abroad. Not only to gain extra knowledge, but you also get to know another culture. 

I decided to do a Master's in Business Administration at UT. because my student life was already in place and I could live at home.

Gender diversity in Swedish business life 

During my Master's, I had read a news article about what gender diversity meant for a company. I decided to devote my master's thesis to this. Gender diversity research had already been done on Dutch companies , so I did it on Swedish companies - extra interesting since I had done my minor in Sweden! My research showed that companies often fail to meet gender quotas because the process is time-consuming. It turned out that a good mix of genders within a company results in higher performance creativity and productivity. and is therefore more profitable! 

Full-time job

While writing my thesis, I found a full-time job at KPMG Enschede. I work four days a week for KPMG and spend the fifth day writing my thesis. Although KPMG is one of the largest consultancy companies in the Netherlands (also called the Big Four), it was not something that immediately excited me. But after spending a day in Enschede, where the consultancy branch is relatively small, I saw that I fit in perfectly. I am a professional in Accountancy, I work for large clients, and although it is a big corporation it is still very informal, as far as interacting with your colleagues. 

Ramon: "It is nice to work with UT graduates with the same background as mine."

As an accountant, I am involved in the interim phase and the annual audits. The purpose of the interim phase is to identify risks in the business processes and then to communicate with the client on how to mitigate or reduce these risks. The risks are identified through the analysis of the business processes via discussions with the client and the supporting documentation. What I like about my job is that it involves many Business Administration graduates from UT and that it is so varied. You visit and get to know many different companies.


In five years' time, I might be a supervisor at KPMG or perhaps I will find a job as a business or financial controller in another company. With a degree in Business Administration and the knowledge I am gaining now, the possibilities are endless."

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