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As a student of the Master’s in Biomedical Engineering with a specialisation in Biorobotics, you will be taught by leading professors of various research groups. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to contribute to high-end research yourself. In the second year of your Master’s, for example, when you will write your master’s thesis.

Find out more about the research groups that are related to this specialisation, and the research they are conducting, below:

  • Robotics and Mechatronics

    The Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM) group focuses on systems and control methods applied to robotics. The main goal is to investigate the applicability of modern mechatronics, imaging, and control methods to practical situations in the area of advanced robotics. Other than medical robotics, the group focuses on application areas such as infrastructure inspection and maintenance, security, agriculture, etc.

  • Biomechanical Engineering

    The Biomechanical Engineering (BE) group studies the special mechanical properties of living biological tissue and the dynamics of the human system and applies this in the development of medical devices such as rehabilitation, surgical or diagnostic robots, endo- and exoprostheses and wearable exoskeletons.

  • Biomedical Signals and Systems

    Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS) is a multidisciplinary group based in Electrical Engineering, focussing on finding solutions for medical challenges via signal and system analysis. 

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