first year

The educational profile of the programme is characterized on the one hand by the two specializations within the programme and on the other hand by the attention paid to mathematical modelling.

Second year

You will not take any courses in the second year of your programme. Instead, you will be working on an internship and your graduation assignment. In the final phase of the Master’s, you will work as a junior member of the research group affiliated with your chosen specialization, and will have every opportunity to show that you have what it takes to be a professional in the field of Applied Mathematics.


Core (17 credits)

Obligatory courses for all Applied Mathematics students: 

Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science

Extra core courses for the specialization in Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science:

Operations Research

Extra core courses for the specialization in Operations Research:

Mandatory: Three out of six courses


Discrete Optimization - 6 credits

Measure & Probability - 6 credits

Game Theory - 5 credits

Scheduling - 6 credits

Markov Decision Theory - 5 credits

Optimization Modeling - 5 credits

Stochastic Processes - 6 credits

Applied Statistics

Queueing Theory - 6 credits

Networks of Queues - 5 credits

Mathematics of Data Science

Extra core courses for the specialization in Mathematics of Data Science: 


Advanced courses: at least three courses

Data Science - 5 credits

Complex Networks - 5 credits

Deep Learning – From Theory to Practice - 5 credits

Discrete Optimization - 5 credits

Scientific Computing - 6 credits

Information Theory and Statistics - 5 credits

Markov Decision Theory and Algorithmic Methods - 5 credits

Random Signals and Filtering - 5 credits

Spatial Statistics - 5 credits

Electives (28 credits) 

Selection of 28 credits according to your preference and within the framework of the chair.

Course programmes are provided within specializations and can be found here


The Departments of Mathematics of the Dutch universities have combined their efforts to enhance their Master's programmes in mathematics. Part of the cooperation is aimed at organizing joint courses in mathematics. These courses offer you the highest quality of instruction and open up opportunities for interaction with students of other institutes of mathematics. In our Master's programme you will take two or more courses that are offered by Mastermath.

More about Mastermath on the website. 

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