Impact story #03 - Adapting infrastructures to electric vehicles

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The story of Nina's parking problem

In a world where global warming is a serious problem, the need for underground infrastructure networks that provide renewable energy for modes of transport has become more and more urgent. Nina bought an electric car to help reduce emissions. However, due to the over-burdened underground infrastructure, Nina struggles to find a charging station. How can Nina gain easier access to charging stations?

One project, three perspectives

At UT, we believe that solutions to challenges like this can only be created by joining forces from different perspectives. How can students of the Master’s in Civil Engineering & Management, Electrical Engineering, and Environmental & Energy Management work together to make charging electric vehicles easier?

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All of our education and research is aimed to come up with solutions for today's challenges. Obtaining a university-level master's degree can help you to impact society by deepening your expertise in a certain field while also broadening your view and looking beyond your own discipline. Have you become interested in one of these master's programmes? Find out more below.

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