Placement or Research Project

If you are interested in a placement (also known as a traineeship, internship, research assignment, thesis work, thesis assignment, ...), there are two options:

  • Placement in combination with courses

    If you are selected for a course exchange semester or a full year, you are free to include a placement in a research group in your exchange period. In this case, it would basically be doing self-study and/or an assignment, which can be labelled as a regular course in your final course list.

    Many research chairs give the opportunity of doing an assignment for up to 30 EC, depending on their availability. Since you would be doing courses as well, you can contact a research group for your placement either before or after your arrival.

    Please note, that the research group might not have availability. The sooner you contact them, the better. See the paragraph below ('Placement only') on how to apply in advance and what documents you should attach to your request.

  • Placement only

    Find a supervisor in your preferred research group and send him/her a request by email including your CV (curriculum vitae), ToR (transcript of records) and LoM (letter of motivation). Do include in the LoM what you are planning to do: to apply for placement only, or for a combination of courses and placement. 

    Only after you have received a positive response from your contact in the research group, you can apply through here.

  • Placement course codes per faculty

    Once you have received a positive response from your contact in the research group, you can choose the right course code and apply through here.

    • Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
      • 201400211  Internship master Psychology
      • 201400240 Clinical internship Positive Psychology and Technology
      • 201400241 Research/internship Positive Psychology and Technology
      • 201900320 Positive Psychology and Technology
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
      • 202001444 Placement course for exchange students
    • Faculty of Engineering Technology
      • 201800519 Research assignment for exchange students
    • Faculty of Science and Technology
      • 201900284 Placement course for exchange students
    • Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
      • 202300222 Placement Course for Exchange ITC
Note that acceptance by one of the research staff members does not automatically means that you are accepted for a placement at our university. Acceptance also depends on your nationality (visa), exchange period and home university. It is not possible to inform you in advance (= before applying) about the outcome of this administrative part of the assessment. If you would like more information about this administrative process, please contact

List of the research groups

You can find a list of all research groups via the following links:

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