Application procedure for exchange students

To apply for an exchange programme, you will have to follow these seven steps:

  1. Pre-application phase: 6 - 4 months before arrival
  2. Nomination: 6 - 3 months before arrival
  3. Application phase: 6 - 3 months before arrival
  4. Assessment phase: 4 - 2 months before arrival
  5. Acceptance or rejection: 3 - 2 months before arrival
  6. Preparation to arrival phase: 3 - 1 month(s) before arrival
  7. Upon arrival and during your stay at the UT

Step details

Learn more about the details to these steps:

Step 1: Pre-application phase

Before applying as an exchange student at the University of Twente, please consider the following:

  1. Is your home university an official UT partner university? Contact your home university’s international office to make sure your home institution has an exchange agreement with the UT before applying.
  2. Have you reviewed our exchange possibilities?
  3. Do you meet the English language requirements?
  4. Are you applying well before the application deadlines?

For questions about your application please contact  

Step 2: Nomination

Your home university has to nominate you before the deadline for nomination. Please contact your home university and arrange your nomination.

For questions about your nomination please contact

Step 3: Application phase


Once you are nominated by your home university you will be notified by email with all the necessary information for application. 

Please note:

  • Your application will be assessed when you have submitted your application.
  • When asked for your personal details, always use the details mentioned in your valid international passport.
  • Provide an email address that you check regularly. We will contact you (mainly) via email.
  • Students applying for courses: check the Academic Calendar for the semester start- and end dates. When selecting courses please be aware that block 1A and 1B are part of the Fall Semester; block 2A and 2B are part of the Spring semester.


To start your application procedure you will need to submit following documents digitally:

  • An original transcript of records in English; outlining completed courses and results obtained during your Bachelor, Master or other previous education.
  • A valid international passport (all pages of your passport, including the blank ones)
Step 4: Assessment phase

Incoming Exchange Team will review your qualifications based on the documents provided. You may be asked to send in additional documents/information. The Departmental Coordinator will check the availability of the courses/project chosen and determine your eligibility based on a review of your previous qualifications. You may be contacted by the departmental coordinator with suggestions for changes in the proposed programme.

Step 5: Acceptance or rejection

After the Departmental Exchange Coordinator has assessed your admissibility you will be informed of your acceptance or rejection by Incoming Exchange Team.


If you are accepted as an exchange student you will need to take the following steps to complete your application:

  1. Fill in the Learning Agreement (you will receive this document by email).
  2. Have the Learning Agreement signed by the institutional or departmental coordinator of your home university.
  3. Scan & upload the signed Learning Agreement to the online application form. 

After your Learning Agreement has been processed you will be provisionally accepted to the University of Twente. Your acceptance will be completed when the following conditions are met:

  • Your English test scores meet the criteria and are sent in before the deadline.  
  • You have successfully completed the visa/residence permit procedures (if applicable).


Rejection of your application may be based on one of the following reasons:

  1. The University of Twente has already accepted the maximum number of students your home university may send each year (as stated in the agreement between your home university and the UT).
  2. The agreement between your home institution and the University of Twente is in a different field than the courses or programme you wish to take.
  3. Your qualifications (this may include language skills) do not meet the admission criteria for the courses or projects you wish to follow.
  4. There are no projects available in the requested research area.
Step 6: Preparation to arrival phase

After you have been (provisionally) accepted by the UT you will need to arrange further preparations before arrival. The University of Twente will assist you with your visa application, housing and registration at the UT.


When you have arranged housing and booked your flight you need to fill in your contact information. Log-on to the Online Application Form, click on ‘contact information’ and fill in your travel information, address in the Netherlands and an emergency contact person. Please complete this action as soon as possible.


All international students staying in the Netherlands are required by Dutch law to have health- and liability insurance. International Office will inform you about a complete insurance covering health, travel and stay during the introductory period for international students.

Read more about health and liability insurance.


The University of Twente assists international students requiring an entry visa for the Netherlands. You will be contacted by International Office by email about the steps to take.

Read more about visa.


The University of Twente assists international students finding accommodation. You will receive an email with a link to the Housing Application Form for furnished accommodation. Because of limited availability of furnished accommodation, we recommend filling in the online Housing Application Form as soon as possible.

Read more about housing.


Many things in the Netherlands may be different from your home country, like climate, traffic, food, clothes and religion. To help you prepare for your UT study experience, we have created a website where you can find video-interviews with international UT students. These videos focus on the experiences of international students with Dutch (academic) culture. The website also contains practical tips that may help you form a better idea of what to expect from Dutch (academic) culture. When you think you are ready for the UT, we invite you to take our online quiz and find out! Follow the link below to find the video-interviews, practical tips and quiz.

Read more about preparing for study at the UT.

International student associations

The UT international student associations organise events and activities throughout the entire year for all UT students. Becoming a member of an international student association often comes with benefits such as reduced ticket prices for events and special offers.

Read more about international student associatons.

Step 7: Upon arrival and during your stay at the UT


You must arrive at the University of Twente in time for the start of your courses or project. The UT organizes an introduction period for new (international) students before the start of every Fall and Spring semester called Kick-In. During these days you will meet your fellow students and get to know Enschede and the UT campus. The UT will also help you arrange formalities like formal university registration and first steps towards registration at the municipality of Enschede. You will be invited to participate in the introduction days for international students by email.

Please note that attendance to the introduction days is mandatory for students taking courses. Not attending the introduction days will delay the completion of formalities needed to properly start your studies.

Students attending the introduction days for international students will be guided through all necessary formalities. If you did not participate in the introduction days you will have to arrange all formalities by yourself upon arrival. To make sure you complete all necessary formalities, please visit International Office to receive a checklist. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Register at the municipality of Enschede/Hengelo
  • Arrange your residence permit (if applicable)

Read more about what to arrange upon arrival.

If you have questions