The research mission ‘Technology for Life’ underscores the impact that technology has for individual lives, social organizations and society. The faculty BMS aims to strengthen its unique position at a university of technology - both nationally and internationally - and develop towards a leading centre where behavioural, management, and social sciences meet technological sciences.
The synergy that is created in interdisciplinary research contributes to the development of theories to better understand the impact of human-technology interaction as well as to research methods to create, assess, implement, and valuate technological innovations that have an impact on contemporary societal challenges.
The faculty BMS strives to create societal value in close collaboration with societal partners which allows to design and experiment with technological innovations.

The faculty BMS chose five research themes to focus on during the next 5-10 years that are of relevance in science and society: emerging technologies, resilience, smart industry, learning, and health.

Our five research themes have a close connection to the scientific themes of the University of Twente for the coming years. This prepares the faculty BMS for close collaboration with other UT Faculties in the three research institutes (DSI, Techmed Centre, and MESA+).
There is also a close connection to the research mission and domains of the three institutes as well as to several of their university-wide strategic research programmes: 4TU Resilience Engineering and Industry 4.0

Furthermore, our five research themes fit to the societal challenges that have been identified on a national level (Dutch Science Agenda-NWA), a European level (european challenges in Horizon 2020) and a global level (UN sustainability goals).