(International) Student Services

Visa & residence permit

Please note: The visa application procedure and requirements have been changed. Please read the information about the entry visa procedure very carefully.

By Dutch law students cannot apply for a visa themselves. The UT coordinates all applications and extensions for (entry) visas, residence permits and Change of Purposes for on-campus Bachelor, Master and Exchange students. Students from the off-campus faculty ITC, will be assisted by the ITC faculty, whereas PhD students will be assisted by our Office Foreign Employees.

If you require an entry visa or residence permit you will be contacted by email outlining all necessary procedures. Provided you supply all necessary documents in time, application procedures will take about 3-5 weeks. You are advised to keep up a file with all official documents and letters you receive during your stay in the Netherlands.

This page displays information about visa/residence permit procedures for international Bachelor, Master and exchange students. All visa procedures for international PhD students are arranged by the HR department.

Obligation of identification

As a resident of the Netherlands, you must be able to identify yourself to authorities at all times. Hence, we strongly encourage you to always carry your passport, ID card and/or residence permit with you.