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Relocation University College Twente to Drienerburght

The relocation of University College Twente (ATLAS) from the Citadel to the Drienerburght is almost complete. From Monday 7 December 2020 all offices, meeting rooms and lecture halls will be located in the renovated building. From that date, all ATLAS education will also be offered from the Drienerburght. In addition to teaching, project and study places, there is also accommodation for UCT students. 

A varied offer

The sense of community is an important characteristic of ATLAS, so it was important that the location had suitable spaces for various educational, office and community functions. There was also an increasing need for extra accommodation for the ATLAS students on campus. The former conference hotel is ideally suited for these purposes and for the image of ATLAS. The building is centrally located, between the campus' residential and recreation center and the O&O square.


Parts of the Drienerburght have been completely renovated in preparation for the move. Especially regarding sustainability there have been improvements. The building is gas-free and more use is made of DC voltage, which saves energy. The Drienerburght is again covered in black and white colours, in keeping with the original design of the building. The renovation of the garden and surroundings of the building will start soon.

About the Drienerburght

The conference hotel Drienerburght was founded in 1987 and was one of the first expressions of entrepreneurship within the University of Twente. The conference hotel has now moved under the name U Parkhotel to the Hogekamp.

Drawing, original design by the Drienerburght from 1986 (UT archive).

The exterior of the Drienerburght

The interior of the Drienerburght 

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