How do scientists make sense of the Corona pandemic? What is the relation of science, the public, and policy? What can philosophy of science contribute to our understanding of what science can and cannot do?

In this podcast episode, our dean prof. dr. ir Mieke Boon talks about scientific practice, the problem of uncertainty in science, and the importance of models for a scientific understanding of the Corona pandemic. She also addresses scientific literacy, interdisciplinary research, and vaccination. Mieke’s research interests include philosophy of science and engineering sciences. This episode is hosted by Bas de Boer from University of Twente. Bas works on philosophy of science and technology and health. Issues covered in this episode are: Philosophy of science, Scientific methods, Scientific models, Trust in science, Interdisciplinary research and Science and the public. All in all, themes that are very much related to the focus and work style we have at University College Twente.

This episode is one of a series of podcasts about the COVID-19 pandemic, made possible by the 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology. 

dr. S.O.M. de Boer (Bas)
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