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Bachelor's 'Technology, Liberal Arts & Sciences' again amongst Dutch top

Every year, it is an exciting moment for universities: the presentation of the Keuzegids Universiteiten, a guide for prospective students that assesses the performance of Bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands. The most recent edition of the Keuzegids, was published today. The Bachelor’s ‘Technology, Liberal Arts & Sciences’ (ATLAS) made it to the list of ‘Top Rated Programmes’, for the sixth time. 

With the title "Best Technical University 2021" and six Bachelor’s programmes that can call themselves a ‘Top Rated Programme’, the University of Twente once again presents excellent scores. The ‘Top Rated’ seal is presented to all programmes with a score of 75 points or higher. This year the Bachelor’s ATLAS scored 78 points on the performance index. 

National Student Survey

For determining the score, the judgement of students and expert judgements have been taken into account.Keuzegids is mostly based on the National Student Survey (NSE). Because this was not conducted this year, results are based on NSE 2019. They made an adjustment in the weighing of a few variables compared to Keuzegids last year, you can read more about this here.  

Jarmo Schoemaker (2nd year student). ,
“At ATLAS, you are able to take control of your own learning, instead of following a path someone else created. It’s an unique, challenging, out-of-the box programme that prepares you for finding and solving interdisciplinary problems of the future. This Bachelor’s programme gives you a very broad view and understanding of the world. On the one hand, this is due to the broad base in the three domains, natural sciences, social sciences and mathematic. On the other hand, this is due to the diverse community we have at ATLAS. People from different academic fields, but also people from different cultures. Learning with people from all over the world broadens your view on your own world and inspires you to do things differently than you would do normally.”
R. Kwakman MSc (Robin)
Communication Advisor (Faculty ITC)
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