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ATLAS students researching racism at UT An article by U-Today

In semester 3, ATLAS students do a research project into a topic of their own choice. Five of the current semester 3 students decided to study racism at the University of Twente. U-Today wrote an article on this.

This project is a good example of what we do at University College Twente. Our students are encouraged to challenge themselves with complicated projects. Additionally, the typical ATLAS student wants to make a difference and have a positive influence on the community.

We have a very diverse community at University College Twente, with students and teachers from all over the world. This diversity bonds the community, and this enables us to broaden our views on the world.

U-Today wrote an article about this semester project. Read the article on their website.

Interested in contributing to this research?
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The survey is open till the 18th of November

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Jarmo Schoemaker
Writer, Class of 2022
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