During Module 1 you receive an introduction to psychology. You get familiar with the basics of various subjects, but you also practice designing an intervention. 

During the theoretical subjects you cover the basics of psychology - you learn about identity, groups, behaviour, development, how the brain works and more. This forms the foundation for the rest of the first year and parts of the second year. Alongside, you do a attend lectures on designing an intervention; the project in this module also focuses on this topic.


The goal of the project is to design an intervention aimed at reducing obesity among children. During the research that you begin with, you realize that this is a growing problem and that little is being done about it. So your first step is to examine what the problem actually is. Staff members of GGZ Twente, a regional healthcare organization, comes in and tell you about it, and alongside that you also do your own research, using the available literature. Then you go round primary schools to interview parents about what they think of this problem and what difficulties they face in trying to prevent it. Helped by this information, you work towards a solution that you develop as creatively as possible. Finally, you present this solution to your classmates, lecturers and representatives of GGZ Twente. 

The fun thing about the project is that you learn to integrate and combine all the knowledge from the lectures. And then, of course, it is very cool that in the first module you already think up a solution for a real-life problem. What is also fun is that the project is a team project, so it helps you get to know your classmates. I am still friends with girls I met there!

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