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Would you like to know what it is like to study Psychology at the University of Twente? And what your future career might look like? Read about the experiences of students and alumni and find out more!

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"I am interested in becoming a therapist"

Stijn is interested in his own mental health since he was a teenager. He now aspires to be a healthcare psychologist and his priority is to thrive in the courses that will influence his future job. 

His reserach interests are based in clinical Psychology as they are in the line with his aspirations for a future career. 


"I am a huge fan of technology and want to include it as much as possible"

Emma wants to combine her two biggest passions, Psychology and Technology, to help others. 

Application of technological tools in health interventions for chronic illness, including Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. 


"I like statistics, but do not know how much I would like to work with technology"

Lieke's motivation for Psychology came because of her interest to be a researcher. Her interests were based on mathematics and empirial research. 

She likes statistics and prefers quantitative research. She enjoys searching for connections in data that predicts human behaviour.


"I hesitated whether I would be able to work with technology, but I became much confident with technology during my studies."

June's motivation to study Psychology is centered on their interest in the field and their desire to educate people. 

June is interested in mental health of young people of sexual and gender minorities and likes to explore how they learn. 


"I felt neutral about technology at the beginning of the study, liked it way more later on."

Annouk got in touch with Psychology for the first time in her foundation year and became intrigued to learn more about the human mind.

Development and evaluation of technological tools in health interventions for chronic illness, including artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality. 


"I feel a little insecure about technology, but would be interested to learn more about it"

Pedro was always been interested in Psychology and technology. Now he combines his interests in human factors and engineering. 

Pedro really wants to work with Technology as well as Psychology. He found ways to combine them by making use of the BMS-lab. 

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