Further studies and job market

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After the Bachelor’s Creative Technology, you can immediately enter the job market or you can further specialise with a master’s. Most graduates take the second option, signing up for a master’s at the University of Twente after their third bachelor’s year. Some students choose to launch their own business.

Further studies: the Master’s Interaction Technology

Most CreaTe alumni enter the two-year, English-taught Master’s Interaction Technology at the University of Twente. With your CreaTe Bachelor’s degree you have direct access to this master’s. It focuses on intelligent, socially aware, interactive systems that meet the needs of users (human-machine interaction and artificial intelligence).

Other Master’s that are a good fit

With a CreaTe Bachelor’s degree, you will be admissible to most engineering and technology master’s at the UT. This also applies to master’s at other (inter)national universities. Sometimes a customised pre-master’s may be necessary. 

Finding a job

You have been trained as a designer with technical expertise and an eye for societal developments. If you want to set to work immediately as Creative Technology alumnus, you will find plenty of job opportunities – all the more if you add a master's degree and a specialisation to your bachelor's.

Get to work

  • As an IT trainee
  • As an innovative developer at a small or large business
  • In product development
  • In communication
  • As a web designer at an IT company
  • At your own creative start-up

Some of our graduates opt for a job at a knowledge institution or as a consultant, for example at a company that is part of the leading industrial region right here in Twente. Whereas regular consultants tend to restrict themselves to giving advice, as a CreaTe alumnus you will also be equipped to share the solution.

Start your own business

You can also start your own business with a solution that you have developed. The UT is recognised as ‘the most entrepreneurial university’ in the Netherlands. Applying our expertise by developing solutions that are meaningful to society is one of our strengths. Together with our students, we work closely with the innovation specialists at Novel-T, who like to get involved in to promising innovative business cases.

Within this programme, for example, a number of students started a successful company together to produce a 'talking home automation system', Homey. Others launched AER, a huge dart-like solution with which you can safely throw a GoPro camera up in the air to take the best aerial shots. This entrepreneurial urge to create ground-breaking solutions will help you make a difference as a CreaTe alumnus.

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