The UT Bachelor’s in Creative Technology will turn you into a designer with technical expertise and a sensitivity to social developments. You will work on the cutting edge of high technology while keeping a close eye on the human factor. There are plenty of career opportunities that will help you to create your own future. Fancy becoming the creative mind behind a technological breakthrough? Or would you like to design a robot with emotions to assist the elderly? Maybe you are more interested in designing (serious) games, developing new applications for the consumer market or starting your own business! Whether you’re destined to become a creative genius, a game/application designer or a developer of robots or environmental systems, you’ll be a true asset to employers in the creative sector and in the areas of new media, product development, and communications. Some of our students have started a company that manufactures a ‘natural home automation system’. Others have launched a 3D printing platform. It’s all about surpassing your imagination, using existing technology and developing fascinating high-tech applications while keeping the user perspective in focus!

Research, design and management

This Bachelor's programme will develop your skills in research, design, and management, enabling you to discover where your own strengths lie. Here are some examples of capacities in which you might be working in your future role as a:

  • Researcher: as a university researcher you might look into how people behave when a robot takes over some functions. How do people react and what kind of features should the robot have? And how can speech recognition be integrated effectively into a robot?
  • Designer: in the entertainment industry there is a growing need for ‘serious game’ designers (meant for training, education and public interest purposes). Among the most needed are specialists in storytelling, styles & visuals or interaction, and those with experience in the design of ‘serious game’ tools.
  • Manager: you might find a job as a Creative Engineer in the R&D department of a major multinational, where you would be managing a team of engineers working on the products of the future. You and your team would need to ensure that the products are aesthetically appealing and that they address human needs, and you would need the business acumen to be able to promote your products’ benefits based on their underlying ideas.


Have a look at the experiences of our alumni who have gone on to do a Master's or have started their own company.

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