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After the bachelor's programme creative technology

Graduating from UT’s Bachelor's programme in Creative Technology means you can specialize further by taking one of the Master’s programmes at the University of Twente or other universities. You can discover some of these Master’s programmes here. While most of our graduates opt for a Master’s programme, some of them go straight into the job market or even start their own business.

To give you an idea of the career opportunities available to you after you have completed this programme, here are some examples of concepts researched or developed by our students:

  • The possibilities of the Google Glass platform to enhance food, feed and flower inspection processes;
  • Improving the performance of handball players by having players wear a proximity sensor system to detect ball possession;
  • Development of an interactive game for children based on learning through play, or educative entertainment, with tangible interaction to enhance the game experience;
  • A solution that monitors the eating habits of elderly people and gives them basic, positive feedback aimed at improving their wellbeing, independence and quality of life;
  • Development of interactive playgrounds;
  • Design of an interactive water fountain for a theme park;
  • Development of a game using an interactive LED floor to support the revalidation process of patients recovering from brain damage. The game motivates participants and helps them do their exercises, with the purpose of increasing their mobility.

A few of our students have launched a start-up company that produces a ‘talking home automation system’, dubbed Homey. Others created a platform for 3D printing, called PrintR.

The world is waiting for creative technologists!

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