Further studies and job market

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Further studies and the job market

After obtaining your Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics, you can further specialise by completing a master’s. Around 70% of our graduates enter the Master’s Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente. Another 20% choose a different master’s. A few join the job market straight away, or start their own business.

Further studies: the Master’s Applied Mathematics

Most Applied Mathematics alumni continue on to the two-year, English-taught Master’s Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente. You are directly admissible to this master’s with your Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. The master’s will make you a specialist in modern mathematical techniques. You will work closely with people from other academic disciplines, such as physics, engineering, logistics and computer science. You will also become a junior member of one of our research groups, actively participating in your supervisor’s research programme.

In the Master’s Applied Mathematics you can specialise in:

Other Master’s

With your Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics you can also enter other master’s. The Bachelor’s Applied Mathematics is excellent preparation for other (technical) master’s, such as Industrial Engineering and Management, Applied Physics or Computer Science. Most engineering and technology master’s will admit you if you complete a pre-master’s after, or during, your bachelor’s. This also applies to master’s at other (inter)national universities. A master’s in social sciences, such as psychology, philosophy or business administration, is also possible; in most of these case, you will be required to complete a pre-master’s. Some students combine the Master’s Applied Mathematics with our Dutch-taught Science Education and Communication, which allows you to work in education, among other things.

Check the overview of master’s  at the University of Twente

Finding a job after completing your Master’s

As an applied mathematician, you will be skilled in using in-depth mathematical expertise to analyse and solve problems in all kinds of societal domains. If you want to set to work right after you completed the Master’s in Applied Mathematics, you will find plenty of job opportunities, for example right here in Twente, currently the fastest growing industrial area in the Netherlands. You could work:

Well-known companies employing graduates from this programme include: Ford, ASML, Nedap, ORTEC, ANWB, KPMG, NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Centre) and various ministries. In the Twente region, we have alumni working at Demcon, Apollo Vredestein and Thales, among others.

Start your own company

You can also start your own business with a solution that you have developed. The UT is recognised as ‘the most entrepreneurial university’ in the Netherlands. We are strong in the application of expertise to meaningfully influence society. Together with our students we like to work with the innovation specialists from Novel-T, who like to tap in to promising innovative business cases.

One example of a spinoff that resulted from this programme is SciSports, a company that applies big data to the transfer market within professional football.

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