After the bachelor's programme

Further studies AFTER THE Applied Mathematics BACHELOR'S PROGRAMME

The Master's programme Applied mathematics

At the University of Twente, a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics qualifies you to go directly to the English-taught Master's programme Applied Mathematics. This is a two-year Master's, in which you can choose between three specializations: Operations Research (OR), Mathematics of Data Science and Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science (SACS).


The OR specialization will prepare you to work in a number of sectors, such as industrial production, non-profit organizations (care institutions), telecommunication companies, Internet companies, transport and distribution companies and local and national government institutions.

MATHEMATICal systems Theory, applied analysis and computational science

This specialization focuses on fundamental and practical aspects of dynamical phenomena and computational and control aspects. You become an expert in developing and applying mathematical tools for physical and technical systems.

Normen is studying Applied Mathematics. Read about his experiences in this specialization.  

Mathematics of Data Science

In this specialization you will apply mathematical models and algorithms to analyse data, draw conclusions and make decisions.

Other UT Master's programmes


Do you want to follow a different path after your Bachelor's programme, while remaining in the technical field? Then the Master's programme Systems and Control offers you a good option for further studies. This English-taught Master's lasts two years. It offes you a choice from three specializations, BiomechatronicsControl Theory and Robotics and Mechatronics.


During the Applied Mathematics programme, you were able to take a look at Computer Science as well as covering all the mathematics subjects. So, if you want to, you could choose to specialize in the field of computer science. At the University of Twente, we offer you a two-year, English-taught Master's programme Computer Science. Within this programme, you can specialize in one of the following three fields of study: Cyber Security, Data Science & Technology, Software Technology. As a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics you have access to this Master's programme after completing a pre-master of up to 30 EC. You can follow this transition programme during the electives period in the third year as the minor of your Bachelor's programme, so that you don’t start out with a study backlog.


Would you like to develop, analyze and optimize processes at the management level of an organization? Then you should consider following our two-year English-taught Master's programme Industrial Engineering & Management. It offers you three specializations to choose from: Financial Engineering and ManagementHealthcare Technology and Management and Production and Logistic Management. With a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, you have direct access to some of the specializations.


Think it would be fun to start your own company after your studies, but feel that after your Bachelor's programme in Applied Mathematics you are not quite ready for it? Then our follow-up programme Business Administration is a good way to prepare. This English-taught Master's programme lasts one year and is internationally orientated. Within this programme you have plenty of room to choose your area of management. In order to be admitted to this programme, you need to make up for a 25 EC deficit. You can do this by following the required subjects during your electives in the third year of your Bachelor's programme, so that you don't start out with a study backlog.

These are just some of the many possibilities for further education at the University of Twente. There are many other paths you can follow once you have a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics – at the University of Twente, at other Dutch universities or abroad.

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