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Beyond your Bachelor’s degree

Pursuing a master's degree

Your internationally acknowledged Bachelor’s degree opens the door to a whole range of Master’s programmes. That's why, after completing the Bachelor’s programme in Advanced Technology, you will find that the world is your oyster. Most of our students choose to pursue a Master’s programme that enables them to specialize in a specific discipline. Where you work after finishing your Master’s programme will largely depend on which programme and specialization you choose. In your third year, you will choose a number of modules specifically geared towards the Master’s programme of your choice, enabling you to proceed directly to the next level as soon as you obtain your Bachelor’s degree.

Possible master's degrees

Several Master’s programmes at the University of Twente follow on directly from the Bachelor’s programme in Advanced Technology. Here are a number of popular choices:

Applied Physics
Applied Mathematics
Biomedical Engineering
Business Administration
Chemical Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Human Media Interaction
Industrial Engineering and Management
Mechanical Engineering
Spatial Engineering
Sustainable Energy Technology
Systems and Control

For further information on Master’s programmes at the University of Twente, please visit the Master's website.

Going abroad

In addition to Master’s programmes at the University of Twente, you can also take a Master’s programme at any other university in The Netherlands or abroad. During your Bachelor’s programme, the study adviser can advise you on the best modules to take in preparation for the Master’s programme of your choice. Please be aware, however, that other universities may require you to complete a pre-Master’s programme before granting you admission at Master’s level.

Career prospects

Once you have completed your Bachelor’s programme in Advanced Technology and have gone on to obtain your Master’s degree, you will have plenty of exciting job opportunities. Your technological and managerial experience and know-how will offer you limitless possibilities in many areas, including industry, business and the non-profit sector. Where you will end up working depends largely upon the direction you decide to take at Master’s level.

The Bachelor’s programme in Advanced Technology also provides you with a firm managerial and marketing basis for starting your own business, building a bright future for yourself while solving the problems of tomorrow’s world. Who knows, you might be one of the originators of cleaner energy, environmentally sound construction materials or the next generation of communication devices. One thing is certain, you will be well equipped to achieve success.  

Alumni experiences

Find out what some of our alumni are doing today. In case you still have questions, please browse through the frequently asked questions, or feel free to contact us.

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