Mandatory Admission Activities

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Some bachelor’s programmes have mandatory admission activities to finalize the admission and enrolment procedure, these take either place before or after your possible admittance.

If you did not participate or only partially participated, you cannot start your studies, regardless of whether you were conditionally admitted.

There are three selection and matching procedures at the University of Twente: compulsory matching, numerus fixus, and selection. Due to these procedures, deviating deadlines may apply.

Mandatory matching procedure

Successfully completing your studies starts with choosing a programme that suits your talents and interests. Through our study choice activities and events, you already had the opportunity to get to know your future study programme in detail. If you applied before the given deadlines, you are entitled to a study choice check: a (compulsory) matching process in which you and the programme discover whether you and the study are a match. This process differs per programme. It often involves explaining your motivation and/or attending a trial study day. You can consider the study choice check as a final check for yourself and the programme to make sure you have chosen the right study programme. 

For the study programmes below, you will be invited for a compulsory study choice check. This mandatory matching procedure takes place, for instance, via an online questionnaire or an interview with a study adviser. Each bachelor's organises the matching procedure differently. To secure your place, you must fully participate and complete the mandatory matching activities and fulfil the additional requirements.

Numerus Fixus procedure

For some bachelor's, UT has set a limited number of available places, this is called 'numerus fixus'. In certain programmes in higher education, more applications are received than there are places available. This is due to the limited number of study places, or because there is a threat of a surplus in a certain sector of the labour market. Students are admitted to these programmes via a special selection procedure.

The bachelor's programmes listed below are subject to a 'numerus fixus'. Your registration is only final once you have passed the numerus fixus procedure for the programme of your choice, in addition to meeting the other admission requirements.

Detailed information can be found on Studiekeuze123 (only available in Dutch) and in the 'Selection and Placement' regulation. Remember to keep track of the deviating deadlines for these programmes.

Selection procedure

University College Twente is the Liberal Arts and Sciences college of the University of Twente. It offers a three-year, international Honours programme for motivated and ambitious students: the Bachelor’s programme in Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences, or ATLAS in short.

The bachelor's programme offers special feature small-scale and intensive education. They have a selection procedure with additional admission requirements for conditional admission. Your grades, study background, extra-curricular activities, and motivation will be thoroughly considered.

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