European call for bids

A European call for bids is not different from a procurement process that is required to meet certain conditions. According to the law, the university is a contracting service. Until 2013, the BAO (Besluit Aanbestedingsregels voor Overheidsopdrachten) was the law regulating tenders. Since April 1, 2013 the BAO has been replaced by the Nieuwe Aanbestedingswet (the New Tender Law). The law aims to greaten the transparency of the European market and provides a legal framework in which a professional procurement must be executed.

It has been noticed that applying these laws can realize savings up to 30% for the contracting authorities.

What do European call for bids mean?

Contracts above a certain threshold (€221,000.- for deliveries and services, €5,548,000.- for works) should be open to bids on a European scale. A contract should be published in the TED database so all potential suppliers can take notice.

A product or service cannot be ‘assigned’ to a certain supplier or brand. Neither can a contract be split in parts to avoid a European call for bids. The requirements for the supplier should also be described carefully. The law does not influence the contents of the contract. After the contract is assigned, the winner of the bid should be published in the TED database.

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