Computers are constantly attacked by viruses, spam, etc. The users are constantly attacked by spam, phishing mail and sites. To be protected against this, LISA provides IT security service. LISA offers support in the field of 'incident response'. Incidents can be reported to the Computer Emergency Response Team - University of Twente (CERT-UT). LISA provides advice in the field of computer security and offers support to project managers to ensure that projects yield safe results. LISA employs a Responsible Disclosure policy for reporting and tracking vulnerabilities in systems and applications used by the University. In addition, LISA deploys tools and resources to optimize the security of the university.


Incidents can be reported to CERT-UT.

Vulnerabilities can be reported in accordance with the Responsible Disclosure policy.


Reports will be dealt with as soon as possible.


For support and information, use the Cyber Safety website.

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