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Step by step instructions for planning a digital assessment

 This is a overview (list) of the process for a digital exam. The steps are explained below.

Scheduling in Digital exam room

If you decide to do a Chromebook based exam, please contact the timetable officer of the Scheduling team well before the exam takes place. Digital exams will be held at the digital exam locations in the Therm building or Noordhorst. Please see the infrastructure page for more detail about these locations.

Intake with exam coordinator

We will invite every lecturer using Remindo for the first time for an intake. Contact person for this is The intake will provide further information about the process of digital testing and the programs you will work with. You can also indicate what your needs and wishes are. The intake will take about an hour.

Exam request by CES SAL

After the exam date is set, you will receive a notice from the e-assessment team to provide the exam questions in Remindo. These should be in Remindo 5 days before the exam at the latest. After this date has passed, we can not guarantee the exam can take place.

Finalizing the exam

After the questions have been entered in Remindo, you can deliver the ID-numbers of the questions to the e-assessment team. They will create the layout of the exam. If ready, the lecturer will be asked to do a final check.

E-assistants and surveillance

Setting up the Chromebooks and technical support will be taken care of by e-assistants. The number of e-assistants available will be consistent with the number of participants of the exam. The e-assistants will NOT perform surveillance tasks; they are solely available for technical support.

The presence of the lecturer is mandatory. If you decide you need assistance with surveillance during the exam, please contact the exam office of your faculty. More information can be found here.

After the exam

The lecturer will check the exams and will receive an analysis of the exam results. Multiple choice questions will be checked automatically. A date for a review of the exam can be planned with the Scheduling team. and should be requested well in advance. There are 72 Chromebooks available in Carré for review of an exam. As in regular digital exams, the e-assessment team will be your support during an exam review.

Grade registration

The exam office of your faculty will support grade registration. Please use the Excel list you have received from them prior to the exam.