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Examinations Office

The examination office at UT is responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of student assessment.

The exam taking process explained

1. Scheduling exams

At UT, the Timetable Officers are responsible for scheduling all exams. The Examinations Office checks the exam schedule, enrolled students, and exam locations. Please note that while the Timetable Officers schedule exam reviews, the Examinations Office does not offer support for them, except for reviews of digital assessments (Remindo).


If you require a review for a Remindo exam, you can schedule a date with the Scheduling team. Make sure to do so well in advance. There are Chromebooks available in Carré for review purposes, and the e-assessment team will be available to support you. The exam review will take place in one classroom in Carré, with a capacity of 36 people. An e-supervisor will be present to provide technical support during the review and prepare the room.

2. Preparing exams

At the start of the module, we will let the module coordinator know when and which exams will take place, what to expect if students need extra facilities, and when the results must be published. We will send you a reminder two weeks before your exams begin.


If you want to have an exam copied by the Examination Office, follow these steps:

  1. Send the examination to the Examination Office no later than 5 working days before the examination.
  2. The Examination Office will take care of the preparation, including the necessary examination paper/MC paper.
  3. The teacher will be notified by e-mail when the examination is ready to be collected.

The exam paper and MC forms are available at the Examination Office (Citadel H402). The exam paper (no MC forms) is also available for pick up at the following service desks:

  • Preparing exam student-specific facilities

    At UT, in case of studying with personal circumstances it is possible to make use of additional features during written or digital exams to support students. If you want to apply for these features, you will need to apply for support. This is necessary so we can assign the appropriate facilities to you.

    You can apply for support by talking to your study adviser, to determine which facilities you can use. The most common extra facilities include:

    • Extra time during the exam
    • Enlargement to A3 size
    • Taking the exam in a separate room (Therm)
    • Using a ‘text to speak’  application
    • Using a laptop (issued by UT) for written exams (only in Therm available)
    • Taking the exam in Therm for students with overlapping exams

    If you are entitled to extra time and/or enlargement to A3, you can still take the exam in the regular exam room. If support of additional or other facilities is needed, you will take your exam in Therm.

    Double exam/overlapping exams

    If you, as a student, have overlapping exams and want to use the "double exam" facility, you need to make a request with your study adviser at least two weeks in advance. Once you have been given permission, you can contact the Examination Office. We will create an opportunity on that day for you to take your exams one after the other, with no contact with other students who may be taking the same exams. This is a one-off facility, and no "extra facilities pass" will be issued.

    The procedure is as follows: 

    1. Send a mail to your study adviser. Please mention your name, student number, the date and time of the exams, the course names and course codes.
    2. The study adviser will check your request and if the request is approved, you can e-mail the Exam Office with your request.
    3. The Exam Office informs you about where and when you are expected to take the double exam
  • Preparing exam student specific-facilities Therm


    We ask that students register with the Examination Office at least two weeks before an exam if they plan to use any granted facilities. If you decide not to participate in the exam after all, please let the Examination Office know as soon as possible. If you're using laptop facilities, please note that laptops are provided by UT unless otherwise indicated.


    We work hard to plan, prepare, and support exams for all students, including those with specific supportive facilities. For exams taken at Therm, a dedicated location for students using these facilities, we need a copy of the exam(s). This helps us ensure timely preparation for students who use extra facilities. 

    • Copy of the exam at least 2 working days in advance.
    • The Examination Office will drop the exams at the Therm
    • The Examination Office will inform the examiner to pick up the exam afterwards at Citadel H402
  • Preparing exam student extra time

    Only students with extra time take their exams at the planned location. The student has an Extra Facilities Card which must be placed on the desk.

    For 2023-2024 this card is NEON PINK.

  • Supervisor

    During exams, we want to make sure you have all the support you need. If necessary, the Examination Office can hire an external examination supervisor from a pool of trained professionals. Their job is to ensure that exams are conducted according to guidelines and regulations for written and digital tests.

    The supervisor will maintain good order during the examination and report any suspected fraud to the examiner present. We only request an external supervisor to support the examiner, who is responsible for delivering and taking the exams according to most Exam Rules and Guidelines and has to be present for content knowledge.

    For some programmes, we have standard guidelines and automatically provide supervisors. You can request additional support from the Examination Office if needed.

3. (On time!) Preparing exam locations

The 'Interne Dienst' of the building ensures that the test location is prepared in advance and set up for the exam. For digital tests, an e-supervisor will also be present to ensure that the Chromebooks are ready for the exam and will stay available for technical support.


The exam paper and MC forms are available at the Examination Office (Citadel H402). The exam paper is also available for pick up at the following service desks:

4. Administer exams


15 minutes before the start time of the exam the room will be accessible. If an external supervisor is hired via the Examination Office, they will also be there 15 minutes before to discuss the work and your preferences. The external supervisors are hired until the extra time of the exam ends.

Students can enter the room 15 minutes before the start time of the exam. All room(s) are booked with extra time in mind. All times on the schedule are the regular exam times: the extra room is not visible on Mytimetable. If the regular exam duration is 3 hours, MyTimetable will show this as 8.45 – 11.45 / 13.45-16.45. The rooms will be available until 12.30 / 17.30.



5. Assess exams

The EER regulations state a deadline for submitting the results of the exam for 10 (for bachelor education) or 15 (for master education) working days after the exam is finished. You can upload the grades yourself via OSIRIS Lecturer or by sending them to the Examination Office. If you cannot meet this deadline, please inform the students.

6. Register exam results

The Examination Office processes the results for all* courses within UT. The examination office only registers end results. Contact your educational programme if it is unclear which grades should be registered in OSIRIS.

There are two ways possible to process results in OSIRIS:

  1. Upload them yourself via OSIRIS Lecturer
  2. E-mail your grade lists to your Examination Office. In this way, results may be delivered (digitally) by a lecturer stating the results in the form of an assessment form Digital Assessment form or Excel file (participants list) with grades. All results must be submitted in a signed document. Processing results in participants list (infographic)

The participants/grade lists can also be found in OSIRIS Lecturer. If you wish to receive them by e-mail (two weeks in advance of your exam), please message your Examination Office.

* except EngD, grades for staff (PhD), traineeships and graduation theses.


Once a grade has been entered, it may be revised after review. A correction can be submitted by yourself in OSIRIS Lecturer within 40 days of the first registration or by using a grade note/grade list/ by sending a signed email to the Examination Office. All changes that are sent to the Examination Offices must be accompanied by the title "correction", date, student name, student number, course information and a signature. The Examination Office then enters the changes into OSIRIS.

More information about the delivery of grades can be found here.

Instruction Manual for making a Digital Signature