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Studying with Personal circumstances

Disclose personal circumstances
  • UT student

    Several personal circumstances complicate studying and affect your study progress. Study delay during your first academic year has consequences for the Binding Recommendation. Contact the study adviser of your study programme about the feasibility of your chosen study programme.

    Apply for facilities

    If you want to appeal for specific supportive facilities and regulations of the university it is necessary to disclose your personal circumstances. The "step-by-step-guide applying for facilities" explains how to apply for support and facilities.

    If personal circumstances affect your study progress, you may be entitled to compensation for force majeure through FOBOS of the UT or DUO may make an exception to the rules of the performance grant (provision performance grant).

  • Prospective student

    If you expect difficulties during your studies due to your personal circumstances, contact the study advisor of your chosen programme in good time (within 3 months) before you start of your studies.

    We advise you to disclose your circumstances in advance, preferably when you enroll in your programme. By discussing your personal circumstances, we are able to provide appropriate support, taking into account your specific wishes. It is possible to have an introductory interview prior to your studies at the UT.

    For more information about 'studying with personal circumstances', please contact the diversity coordinator.

Personal circumstances

that can affect your study (progress):