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The University of Twente distinguishes between lecture rooms and rooms (project rooms) which can be individually booked by staff and students using the Web Room Booking application.

A large number of project rooms - dispersed over the campus - became available to students at the start of the new 2013-14 academic year. It concerns rooms in the Spiegel, Ravelijn, Horst, Bastille and Vrijhof (Library) buildings.

Students can book these rooms themselves using Web Room Booking

Students can book these project rooms using the Resource Booking website. All students with an s-number can make use of this service. Rooms can be booked up to two weeks before the intended reservation date. Web Room Booking shows the facilities available in the rooms. Booked rooms are also visible in the timetable system, MyTimetable.

Using rooms

The rule for using project rooms is that they must be left behind in the same state as they were found. Project rooms are inspected every day. In the event of vandalism or complaints, an investigation will be carried out to find the culprits. These culprits will be held responsible. The faculty concerned will also be informed. That said, we of course expect everyone to make proper use of the rooms made available by the UT.