The 'academic calendar' is the collection of preconditions taken into account when scheduling the University of Twente's academic timetables. For example, the academic calendar lists the start date of the academic year, lecture and exam weeks, holiday periods, etc. All UT academic timetables are based on the academic calendar.

All education institutions have their own academic calendar, albeit often under a different name (e.g. 'academic schedule' or 'institutional calendar').

academic calendar

The principles of the academic calendar are as follows:

  • The University is closed for two weeks during the Christmas holidays, coinciding with the Christmas holidays dates for primary, secondary and special education recommended by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.
  • The academic year starts on the Monday sixteen weeks prior to the first Monday of the Christmas holidays.
  • This is the first day of the first of two semesters of identical length (in net terms), which are both divided into two quarters of identical length (in net terms)..
  • One holiday week is scheduled for the third quarter, the exact dates being decided upon by each individual institution.
  • An additional lecture week is scheduled for the fourth quarter to compensate for the large number of official public holidays in this quarter.
  • For the holiday week falling in the third quarter (to be scheduled separately by and for each of the three institutions), the UT follows the recommended spring holiday dates established by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science for the region to which the UT belongs.
  • The best way of scheduling timetables for any possible resits held during the summer holidays is decided upon by the UT each academic year. Our experiences with the Bachelor-before-Master Rule and the student progress evaluation play a part here, but the summer holiday dates of the primary and secondary schools in the region are also taken into account. However, the law does not permit the scheduling of resits in September.

In the above, we used the phrase "any possible resits", as offering resits is not a statutory duty. However, in practice, it is to be expected that most programmes will offer resits in the summer.