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The campus of the University of Twente is a private property which is open to the public and where normal (traffic) regulations apply. The UT campus is a great location for parties and events. However, parties and events must satisfy some conditions in order to guarantee safety and compliance with environmental provisions. This protocol lists what measures must be taken when a party or event is to be organized on campus. This and a few other regulations that are related to the specific character of the campus area, are illustrated below.

Campus security

Campus Security is in charge of the internal regulations.
Phone: +31 (0)53 489 2134.

Meetings after (office) hours

Group meetings (>20 people) after office hours need to be registred. In some cases BHV (emergency response team) is mandatory.

Parties & events

Our Party and activity protocol describes all the necessary measures you need to take, in order to throw a party or organize an activity on Campus. E.g. during student parties the music may not be heard outside the campus area. Campus Security will ensure the enforcement of the regulations.


Pets cannot be taken into the buildings.

Lecture halls

In general, food and drinks are not allowed in lecture halls. 

Working conditions and environmental regulations UT

A document on the UT working conditions and environmental regulations is available on:!/product/l703809/health-safety-and-environment-including-working-conditions

Fishing regulations

Fishing licences (in Dutch) for the campus ponds are only issued to staff and students of the university.