Welcome to the internship page of the Faculty of eemcs

It is very common for an internship to be part of the master’s courses within the EEMCS faculty. Within the bachelor Creative Technology and Technical Computer Science, it can be part of the minor.

Depending on the program, the internship can be a compulsory or elective part of the study. The internship will take 14 weeks for master’s students, corresponding to a 20EC workload, or 10 weeks for Bachelor students with a workload of 15EC.

Often a student will spend their internship in a foreign country. To make sure everything can be arranged properly and on time, the whole process starts around six months before the actual internship will start, when the student contacts the internship coordinator for an intake.

This website will give all the information that is needed for all parties involved to make sure the whole process will go smoothly.


This internship has some general goals:

The key focus of the internship is learning, not work.
More goals and aims are specified in the information for students.

contact information

W.P.M. Klieverik (Wendie)
Internship Coordinator faculty EEMCS