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Study associations, Student associations and events

The University of Twente has a wealth of active student organisations and academic associations. Every year, students organise several recurring events. On this page, you can find more information about our study/student associations.

Academic study associations

The study organisations bring together students who are following the same program of study. These organisations are closely involved in the educational programme, so that the university can keep a close eye on quality. In addition, academic associations organise several student activities: lunch lectures, symposia, excursions and more. There is often an opportunity for companies to sponsor or participate in these events.

Each academic association is run by a team of students, including one member who serves as the external relations coordinator. This person maintains contact with the business community and can tell you all about the opportunities available at his or her organisation.  

Student associations

Nearly every student at UT is a member of a student association. Each student association is run by a team of students, including one member who serves as the external relations coordinator. This person maintains contact with the business community and can tell you all about the opportunities available at his or her organisation. The following list of academic student associations at the University of Twente can help you get started.

Do you want your study or student association to be featured in this list? Please send your request to Career Services.

Internship & master's thesis position agencies


    AIESEC is a global organisation that matches university students with companies. AIESEC specialises in facilitating internships and volunteer projects across a diverse range of fields around the world.

    E-mail: twente@aiesec.nl


    IAESTE is an international internship agency specialising in matching companies to students with a technical education. The students and companies may be located anywhere in the world. IAESTE also arranges housing, permits and social activities to ensure that student interns are able to hit the ground running at their first day on the job.

    E-mail: info@iaestetwente.nl
    Website: www.iaeste.org

  • Integrand

    Integrand is a non-profit foundation with a branch in every university town in the Netherlands. The organisation’s mission is to promote business skills among university students. Integrand matches students with internships and master’s thesis positions, and also organises a variety of career events.

    E-mail: twente@integrand.nl

  • Unipartners

    UniPartners is a non-profit academic consulting firm run by students. UniPartners matches motivated and talented students with companies so the student can apply his or her knowledge and expertise in an actual business environment. The student works on a project basis, which enables your company to benefit from top-notch academic expertise and insight at an attractive price.

    E-mail: twente@unipartners.nl


Several major events take place on the University of Twente campus each year, including the Kick-In, Create Tomorrow and Twente Company Days. These events are run by students, for students, and they’re an excellent way to come into contact with tomorrow’s bright young minds. There are several ways your company can contribute to these events and make a valuable first impression on UT students.

At Career Service, we’re always happy to help your company find the right campus organisation or event for your objectives. Please contact us for more information.

  • Business Days Twente

    Business Days Twente is one of the largest career events in the Netherlands. Every year, this five-week event hosts a variety of activities that help students and companies find one another: from a giant information market, company presentations and lectures to more intimate dinners, workshops and recruiting events for a smaller group of students selected by your company.

    E-mail: info@bedrijvendagentwente.nl
    Website: www.businessdaystwente.nl/ 

  • Create Tomorrow

    Create Tomorrow is the largest student think tank in the Netherlands. The event is held every two years on the University of Twente campus. More than a thousand students spend a long and inspiring day creating the optimal solutions to diverse cases supplied by the business community.

    E-mail: info@createtomorrow.nl
    Website: www.createtomorrow.nl

  • Kick-In

    Every year in August, more than fifteen hundred students come to the University of Twente to take part in the Kick-In. Through a diverse set of activities, this festive nine-day event, organised by a team of six students, introduces students to the university, the campus, the city of Enschede and the many facets of student life in Twente. The Kick-In offers several sponsoring and promotional opportunities that let you acquaint students with your company from the very start of their university experience.

    E-mail: info@kick-in.nl
    Website: www.kick-in.nl

  • Effective Altruism

    Effective Altruism Twente (EA Twente) is a local student hub of the global Effective Altruism movement. EA Twente connects students and helps them to shape their future career to do good effectively. For this, we provide 1-on-1 advice, courses, book clubs, and socials throughout the year. In addition, we go together to national or global events of the worldwide Effective Altruism community.