What's in it for my company?

EngD benefits for your company

Is your company facing a technological problem that needs solving or a challenging design issue that needs unravelling? Then a technological designer of the University of Twente is the answer.

All of our two-year programmes offer you the possibility to hire a technological designer, a professional able to design and develop complex new products and processes and offer innovative solutions to your technological design issues.

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Tailored programme

The trainee is responsible for a solution in consultation with the organisation and the University. The basic principle of the EngDprogramme is that the trainee, the set of courses and the expert coaching will come together with only one thought: ‘the best possible solution for the design problem’. Therefore the trainee, the composition of the curriculum, and the choice of his/her supervisor/professor will be made together with the placement organisation.

You will have access to a top 25% trainee who is able to switch quickly between different levels, has a wider range of skills in creativity and thinking out-of-the-box, and is able to make better connections between different disciplines and integrate them into a design. Besides the solution on your technological design issue, you get to know the person well and at the end of the project you are in the perfect position to  decide whether to offer him or her a position within your company.

Possible intellectual property rights on all Contract results, generated or arrived at within the scope of the Design Project, shall be vested in Commissioning Party.

A EngD for your own employees!

It’s also possible that employees in an organisation would like to pursue a EngD programme. With the correct background, these employees can smoothly enrol in the EngD programme as well.


Do you want to know what a EngD can do for your company? Do you want to explore our EngD programmes and find out if we can help you with your technological design issues? Please contact Mariska de Roo:

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Business Relations Manager EngD & Life Long Learning

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